Muddy Waters Art-Wear
Muddy Waters Art-Wear is a collection of multi-layered and vivid pendants and necklaces: hand painted using inks and layers of resin in the Muddy Waters style: inspired by muddy Dutch rainwater puddles: full of leaves and pebbles, reflecting the trees and sky. 

Each piece is an organic and totally unique piece of art-wear, with its own special colours, shape, and natural beauty – just like you!

The Art-Wear pieces are finished with a silver or gold coloured pinch connector (only Droplet is set into a bronze or silver coloured metal base) and with the choice of a thick (4mm) leather cord for the necklaces, or a (3mm) waxed cord for the long pendants, with a matching clasp. 
To order a necklace or pendant: click on  the various art-wear types below, choose a design from the product sheets:
1. Email  me with the number of your choice (e.g. DROPLET 005) together with the cord length: leather cord (45-50 cm) or waxcord (70-80 cm). Payment is possible via PayPal, bank transfer etc.
2. Order via my Etsy Shop

Droplet: 5 x 5 cm, bronze or silver coloured metal base 


Leaf: 6 x 3 cm, silver or gold coloured steel pinch connector 



Ripple: 6 x 6 cm, silver or gold coloured steel pinch connector 

For more information about Muddy Waters Art (-Wear) you can mail me ( or ring (+6-20289738) with your question or to make an appointment to come to The Art Room studio.

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